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1 /spins Family F345
2 /spinster Family F544
3 1 In the presence of Amable Lafleur, her brother; Daniel Nokes. LAFLEUR, Mary (I4304)
4 1 Witnesses: Isaac Williams, her brother; Abram Williams, her nephew. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (I4502)
5 1, In the presence of Isaac Williams, hsi father; James Williams [brother?]. WILLIAMS, Henry (I4332)
6 1, In the presence of Mary Kirtland, her daughter; James Whitman, her step-son. FILER, Rebecca (I29)
7 1, In the presence of Peter Hawley, his son; Aschel Hawley, his brother. HAWLEY, Peter (I1278)
8 1, In the presence of: Henry M. Miller & James Miller, his sons. MILLER, James (I4354)
9 1, In the presence of: John Simpson, her husband; David Simpson, her son. DUFF, Sophia (I4358)
10 1, In the presence of: William L. Sowles & Hiram B. Sowles, his brothers. SOWLES, Lewis (I4396)
11 1. A. Hoyle, her father; J. Whitman, his father; Henry Hogle. HOGLE, Mary (I1368)
12 1. Ashel Hawley, her father; John Hawley, her brother; Polly Hawley, her sister. HAWLEY, Hannah (I1078)
13 1. Baptism witnessed by William Alexander Smith: 1869 SMITH, David Wellington (I8229)
14 1. Benjamin Salls, Enoch Salls, his sons. SALLS, Hix (I1655)
15 1. Billings appears to be Martha’s married name. Her husband’s name, Billings, on the record has been stroked ot. BILLINGS, Martha Viola (I7078)
16 1. C.H. Lewis, his son?, witness at funeral. LEWIS, William (I2942)
17 1. Conrad Derick, Phillip derick & Frederick Derick, his sons. DERICK, Philip (I1518)
18 1. Daniel Brownson & John L. Brownson, sons. NORTHCOTT, Eleanor Leah (I601)
19 1. Daniel Salls & B. [Benjamin] Bullock, sons-in-law. UNKNOWN, Mary (I2412)
20 1. Daughter of John Williams, farmer, and Mary his wife. WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Eliza (I1284)
21 1. Elias Wright, (Filer?) Wright, brother. WRIGHT, Chester (I2593)
22 1. Ephraim Filer, brother-in-law; Orange Spurr, stepson & Jane Spur, step-daughter. NEWMANS, John (I1012)
23 1. Ephriam W. Mott, her brother-in-law. MOTT, Lucy (I1307)
24 1. Father for Amanda unknown. EMRICK, Hannah (I5481)
25 1. Father unknown. DYE, James Horatio (I4511)
26 1. Filer Salls, her cousin. COLTON, Mary (I1421)
27 1. Formerly of Perthshire, Scotland: 1874 CAMERON, John (I8763)
28 1. Formerly of Richmond, VA. RICHARDSON, Thomas (I1782)
29 1. Formerly of St. Valentin: 1869 MCGOWEN, Margaret (I8099)
30 1. Formerly of St. Valentin: 1869 MCGOWEN, Jane (I8232)
31 1. Formerly of Stanbridge, QC: 1869 PHELPS, Lydia (I8222)
32 1. Formerly of Swanton, VT: 1869 LEWIS, William (I8226)
33 1. Formerly of the Parish of St. Sebastien: 1869 MANDIGO, Catharine Arvilla (I4036)
34 1. George Vandykeshown as bachlor living in Pike River and Mary Partlow as spinster living in Noyan. PARTLOW, Mary (I6068)
35 1. George Washington Johnson, son of Alvah Johnson, born 1800. Clearly not son of second wife, Catherine Derick.
2. Witnesses: Derick Johnson his son; George Johnson, his brother. 
JOHNSON, Alvah (I573)
36 1. Gershom Cutting, brother & R. Cutting, brother. CUTTING, Kezia Maria (I1517)
37 1. Henry Odell her father, Abijah Willsee his brother & Henry Fosburgh her brother-in-law. ODELL, Maria (I1562)
38 1. His former wife, Anna. UNKNOWN, Anna (I2977)
39 1. I the presence if Barron Hillman, his brother; Joseph Hillman, his nephew. HILLMAN, Alexander (I3897)
40 1. In the employ of the family of Hannibal H. Whitney who was a witness. HARPER, Jane (I6216)
41 1. In the preesence of: John Young Junior, her husband; Jacob Derick, her brother-in-law. PATTERSON, Emeline (I1584)
42 1. In the presence of A.L. Taylor, brother-in-law; George F. Salls, his father. SALLS, Seymour (I510)
43 1. In the presence of Albert Chapman, her son; Hepsy Dexter, her daughter. CURTIS, Avis (I4060)
44 1. In the presence of Amos H. Vaughan & Reuben H. Vaughan, his sons; Benjamin Vaughan, his nephew. VAUGHAN, Josephus (I1246)
45 1. In the presence of Amos Vaughan, her brother’ Philip Derick.

2. Witnesses: Henry Naylor, her husband; Amos H. Vaughan, her brother. 
VAUGHAN, Elizabeth (I141)
46 1. In the presence of Barron Hillman, her father; Joseph Hillman, her brother; E.P. Martin. HILLMAN, Emily Prime (I827)
47 1. In the presence of Benjamin Salls, her father; Aaron Spears, his brother. Family F2944
48 1. In the presence of Benjamin Salls, her father; Moses Spear, his brother. SALLS, Louisa (I1451)
49 1. In the presence of Calvin K. Dean; David L. Lewis, her brother-in-law.

2. Witnesses: William mCvicker , her husband; William G. Clark, her father. 
CLARK, Clarissa Minerva (I4446)
50 1. In the presence of Calvin R. Dean, her husband; Lydia Salls, her sister; Oliver Flagg. BRANCH, Mariette (I3700)

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